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Hasil Jalan2 di Bandung

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Hei bloggers..!
Long time no see..i hope you all full of blesses..Happy Reading :)
In this post, I will tell you about my "journey" (journey?) or we can say it "experience" when i did my "apprentice" in Bandung..
I have been accepted as an apprentice at PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk Bandung. So I had to live in Bandung for 2 months started from July 'til August 2011. In bandung, i got a lot of experiences, for examples :
1. Work as an apprentice at PT Telkom

Wif Monic
Location : Toilet 4th floor of PT Telkom :p

2. Haunted by "WORK'S DEADLINE"

Mine & Monic's
Location : Meeting Room

3. Lived in a Boarding House
Wif Monic
Location : Boarding House Jl. Burung Gereja, Japati, Bandung

4. Got a lot of new friends

Wif Oddie & Wikan
Location : Nanny's Pavillon Bandung

5. Went to Kawah Putih (Finally!)

Location : Kawah Putih Bandung

6. Shopping all the time :D

Wif Tante Joyce & Monic
Location : Rumah Mode Bandung

7. Enjoying afternoon at D'ranch Bandung

Wif Oddie
Location : D'Ranch Bandung

to be continued yahh :D

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